Only have 90 psi on my IR P-175

by Kyle
(Orion MI)

Just bought a IR P -175 and don't know to adjust the PSI output. The unit runs great just can't get it to go over 90 psi. It does not matter if it's under a load or not. Thanks


Kyle, is this a new or used air compressor?

It is, I think, supposed to be outputting 175 PSI, is it not?

The pressure switch could be at fault and/or need adjustment, or it could be an unloader / throttle adjustment necessary, and for that, we will have to rely on someone that has one of these, to assist.



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Sep 12, 2012
Setting pressure
by: Anonymous

The175 is for cfm not pressure but if you lift the side panel it should have directions to turn up the pressure or volume but if it don't if you look behind the the control panel there should be a pressure regulator with a cover you need to take off and a jam nut to loosen then you need to turn on the item you are trying to run and set the compressor to 100 psi with the item at full power

Feb 10, 2012
Only 90 PSI
by: Ron Belt

Ron with Air Compressor Service. These portables were designed mostly to provide 100 PSI of air 175 CFM. The pressure is controlled by a small aluminum body regulator on the top of the oil sump tank. Some older ones had a brass colored regulator shaped like an acorn. A screw or bolt sticks out of the bottom. Turning it in clockwise increases pressure.

Thanks Ron. Did you post your info for the Repairs page?


Jan 20, 2012
Only have 90 psi on my IR P-175
by: Kyle

This is a used tow behind 175 CFM compressor made by Ingersoll Rand. It is powered by a 3 cly. diesel.

Thanks for your help

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