Old speedair unit -safe to run??

by Chris
(Jefferson County, WA, USA)

I was given an old Speedaire air compressor, which I'm told hasn't been run in 15 years.

I plugged it in and it immediately started up, but I only ran it for a second.

Is it safe to run?

Hi Chris...

Is it safe to run your old Speedaire?

Well, you plugged it in, and it started, so you've overcome one hurdle. It sounds like the electrical part of of still works, but as to the safety of the wiring...that's a job for an electrician.

Did you check the oil level, assuming it's oil lubricated? Somewhere near the bottom of the compressor head should be a gage of some sort, that will show you the oil level in the crankcase. You might even consider draining the compressor oil, and replacing it with fresh.

Does the PRV work?

You want to make sure that it actually opens, so when you've run the compressor for a while and the pressure in the tank starts to build, pull the handle (small ring?) on the end of the PRV to make sure it actually moves. When you hear compressed air bleeding out, push the handle back in and that should shut the PRV off.

How's the air tank from the standpoint of corrosion? Looks good, no visible rust, no indication that the tank might have rusted through in spots?

Open the drain valve on the bottom of the tank and see what comes out. If it's rust-red water, that might indicate that the tank has some internal corrosion problem, but you can't really tell the soundness of the tank from the outside. Be careful there.

And, of course, the Pressure Switch. When you plugged the compressor in, it went on. That would suggest that the pressure switch was "made" on the low pressure, and now the compressor will run until the high pressure setting is reached, at which point the compressor should shut off.

Watch the gage as the pressure increases, and if it goes past 120 PSI, you might have a pressure switch problem, so be prepared to pull the plug. Or, let it run to 130 PSI and then pull the plug, as most home-type DIY air compressors are set for 120 PSI at maximum.

If you're not sure, replace the Pressure Switch.

Hope this helps...



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Speedaire 1Z286, pump X2-22

by Roger

I wonder where I can find parts for the pump mentioned above X2-22?

What is the most probable cause when the pump start to make "clonking" noise?

Bill answers...

Hi Roger:

I get a lot of requests from folks about finding parts for their Speedaire compressors. So many, in fact, that I'm trying to put together a page to address these issues for visitors.

Trying to unravel who's who in the compressor world is tough, and so far, my many inquiries to companies about Speedaire have gone unanswered.

I will continue to pursue the source for Speedaire and to try and find parts suppliers, and when I do, there will be a page linked from the Sitemap on this site to that page.

As to the "clonking" noise, nope, I can't diagnose it but I can assure you that it's not good.

Any time there's that type of noise, there's an impact taking place inside the unit, and that impact will either prematurely wear or destroy whatever component is clonking or being clonked!



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Sep 13, 2008
Speedaire Parts
by: Anonymous

Try Grainger Industrial Supply

Yes, and thanks.

Full info on that is here!

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