Old Ingersoll Rand, 80 gallon, 3 stage?

by Danny
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Old Ingersoll Rand compressor?

Old Ingersoll Rand compressor?

Old Ingersoll Rand compressor?

I'm considering purchase of this air compressor but would like to know more specifics about it first.

I'm hoping somebody can give me the model number and year so I can maybe find a manual on it. If anyone has opinions to share about it that would be appreciated too.

The photos are of pretty good resolution. If you zoom in you can make out quite a bit of information, but mostly the labeling of the stamped numbers is worn away so I'm not sure what most of the numbers and letters represent.


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Jul 25, 2018
by: Roger

This is an IR 15t or 20t Type 30 compressor. That's a three phase motor.

Jul 13, 2018
motor frame 256t
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Try googling that. It describes the motor case.

Jul 13, 2018
Tag #2 Transcription
by: Danny

Here is the detail off the other tag.

Wausau Wisconsin
SJ 256TJDR7026GN W 256T
CONT 40 309 208
VOLT 230/460 Amps? 51/25.5
HP 20 SP 1.15 CORR AMP 43.2/21.6

For the two lines starting with TDR and CONT the numbers and letters I put here are clear but I can't make out the labels in front of them at all so I don't know what any of those are meant to indicate. The electrical info at the bottom I think is transcribed correctly. I assume the second line is the serial number and I was making a guess that the 256T is maybe a model number since it appears both on its own and as the start of what I assume is the serial number. But, I can't find any reference to '256T' online so I'm questioning that assumption.

Thanks again to anybody that can interpret these. I should have done and posted these transcriptions first.


Jul 13, 2018
Transcription of tags
by: Danny

I managed to transcribe the information off of the tags. Here is what the vessel tag says.

National BD. No. 730780
Certified by Buckeye Boiler Company, Dayton Ohio
MAWP 200 PSI at -20 degrees MIN 450 degrees F Max
SH 187 HD 169 HD RAD E YR 1986
7 PART NO 32162406 01 2566
CRN F7 400 25468786YT

I understand the MAWP line but don't know what the next line starting with "SH" means. I assume the first line indicates an inspection certification of the vessel. Can that 730780 number be looked up anywhere for information? I'll put the other tag in the next post.

Jul 13, 2018
Two stage
by: Doug in s.d.ca

To the right, the two with the round things are intakes. Both those feed the third one, on the left, second stage.

About all I can make out on the labels is the tank max working pressure is 200 psi.

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