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Old champion air compressor bleeds out air

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by Jake Neilson
(Lakemoor IL)

Hi Bill, what I mean by air bleeding is that as soon as it hits 150psi and kicks off, it goes PSSHHHHH and air shoots out a small screened fitting pointing towards the ground underneath where small air line comes from head, on side opposite pulley.

Old Champion Compressor Bleeds Out Air
Old Champion Compressor Bleeds Out Air

I will enclose a couple pictures one of me pointing at the screened fitting where the air comes out. sory for poor quality, thanks again!!


Jake, thanks for the photo. The “PSSHHHHH” you hear sounds like the compressor unloading. If you aren’t sure about what that is, have a read of the UNLOADER VALVE page on this site.

If air continues to leak out of this vent after the compressor stops, then it’s coming from your tank, and that means that the check valve, that is supposed to keep air in the tank when the compressor stops, is leaking.

Often, when air bleeds out from a compressor when it’s stopped it’s because the check valve that is supposed to keep air in the tank when the compressor is off, is not seating properly, or has failed.

Check that out if you would, and then post here as a comment if we need to talk some more.


Champion bleeding air
by: Jake Neilson

Hi Bill, I had disassembled the unloader valve by My finger. I looked at compressor just now, the line going from pump to tank is like 3/4 copper same size as other but no cooling fins, HOWEVER, the line goes from pump to tank, NO Valve!?!?!?!?

I just removed the line and there is NO valve just a compression style fitting where it screws into the tank sealing the copper pipe?? Well I would imagine that is my problem right there!? So where could I find a valve? Do local hardware stores carry something like that?? UNBELIEVABLE!! Thanks again!! Cheers! I owe You a Beer Sir!


While all the smaller air compressors I know of have check valves to keep air in the tank, I can’t guarantee that the design of your Champion air compressor included one.Odd omission is so. There must be a reason for it.

It seems reasonable to have a check valve where the line from the pump enters the tank, and I can’t see any downside of having one. In terms of finding on, your better bets are industrial air component (air cylinders, valves etc.) shops or maybe high end plumbing stores. I suspect you will have to do some creative plumbing to install is.

Good luck. And I’ll hoist one back at ya.


Old champion compressor bleeds air
by: jake neilsom

Hi Bill, Went to farm&Fleet yesterday and got a check valve that screwed into the tank. I had to replace the copper tube and fitting going from Head to tank. She built up o 150psi kicked off and held pressure all night long. Thanks again Bill. Cheers.


I do like a story with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing one.



Old champion bleeds…
by: Rich

I would just like to add something to the happy ending.

True, most compressors did come with tank check valves, but they also had a valve on the side of the pressure switch to relieve the pressure between the pump and the tank to provide ‘loadless starting’ once it reached cut out point and opened, (UNLOADER VALVE… B.) no back pressure on the discharge valves would help the motor get up to speed when it needed to start.

You would also notice in the picture the copper 1/4″ line from the crank end cover to the head unloaders was a centrifugal unloader which at rest would be open and hold the inlet valves in the open position until it spun up to start, then it would close the valve, vent the air only from the compressor head side and hold system air back at the valve.

This air should come from the tank and always be under pressure. Pressure lubricated pumps use oil pressure to load/unload the units in the same way using a hydraulic unloader. Having this set up makes it easy to set the unit up for continuous run. Sorry for being long winded..



Thanks, Rich. B.

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