Old 10 gal leaking at regulator is it worth fixing?

by Lew
(Dayton, Oh)

Old 10 gal leaking at regulator is it worth fixing or can it be adapted?

I have a Sanborn 34A50-10 many years old S/N 24221

Has been working well as needed, Motor very good, etc.

Problem is it started leaking through the pressure control valve.

Exam shows the unit is built with what looks like a solid manifold type assembly that comes up from the tank and holds gage, adjustment, motor control pressure switch, and lead to compressor all in one casting.

Looks like the center(?) has blown a leak in the dial-a-matic air flow adjustment assembly.

Is this repairable? Is it worth the cost to find parts? Where? If not, is it practical or possible to remove the guts from the air flow control and just cap it and then put an air flow adjustment down line?

Seems like this would still give you pressure control for use and not interfere with compressor operation, shut-off or safety.

Real question would be how to cap the old adjustor after you took the insides out, how to cap it air tight and safely, what threads it would need, and would it be worth the cost/time?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Jul 12, 2015
Broken Sanborn regulator
by: Bill

Hi Lew. This is where a picture is worth 1,000 words.

I cannot "see" your equipment, no photo was uploaded, and I cannot find an image of your Sanborn air compressor on line.

So, I suggest you pop over the to troubleshooting page "broken compressor manifold" linked on the troubleshooting page, and have a read. This page addresses some of the issue to which you refer.

If this doesn't help, start a new thread, call it "Old 10 gal leaking at regulator is it worth fixing?" and upload some pix of your setup. In the text say this refers to another posting, and I'll move the images to here.



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