Oily smell in air line

I replaced my compressor pump a couple months ago on my Speed-air 60 gallon single stage compressor, when the other pump went bad, it filled my airline system with a lot of water/oil residue.

When using to blow off with, the air still smells oily.

Is there any way to clean the residue from the airline (PVC)?

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Jun 16, 2015
Extra maintenance on air tools
by: Bill

Doug's point about our air tools is important.

Compressor lubricating oil is NOT meant to lubricate air tools, and some compressor oils can gum up or damage seals.

If you replace the PVC air line, put a few drops of fresh air tool oil into the intake of each air tool and run them to help the right oil flush out any of the bad.

Jun 15, 2015
airline oil
by: Doug in s.d.ca

I'm with Bill - just get a new hose.

You may also have some stuff in the regulator, so you'll want to run it open for awhile to get as much out of there as possible, short of replacing it.

I'd do extra maintenance on any air tools I'd used with it, too.

Jun 15, 2015
Air hose has oily smell
by: Bill

I don't know the details of the air line... length or diameter, but considering the relatively low cost of PVC air line, I would think that any remedial action taken to try and clean the existing hose would cost way more than replacing it with a new line.

I would think that in time, the flow of fresh, clean air through the air line will dry the oil and reduce the odor but it will always likely be there a bit since water vapor will condense in the line and mix with oil residue.

Not knowing what you are blowing off with compressed air either, I cannot comment on the level of odor. You might try a coalescent air filter just before you use the air, but then, again, that may cost more than the air line itself.


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