Oil In The Air In An Ingersoll Rand EP50SE Rotary Air Compressor

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by Martin
(Marietta, Ga. USA)

We have a Ingersoll Rand EP50SE (rotary screw) that runs our pneumatic equipment. Recently, if I use it there is a strong smell of oil in the plant. I have had some experience with these and the 100 H.P. model. I have seen collapsed separators cause this before.

But I removed the separator and it looked fine (I replaced it anyway, it was time), it has a new air filter, I removed and cleaned the scavenger tube and have generally inspected the machine without finding out what’s causing the oil in the air.

Ingersoll Rand EP50SE rotary screw compressor
Used Ingersoll Rand EP50SE rotary screw compressor

This compressor is about nineteen years old and as far as I know it is the original air end. Could wear in the air end cause this? What else could cause it? I have it shut down and I’m using our smaller back up compressor for now.


oil blocked?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

From what you say, probably not.

But at 19 years old, any idea how many hours that is?

How long have you “known” it?


Oil in the air
by: Martin

Everything seems fine as far as I can tell. The hour meter has been around once or twice so don’t really know how many hours it has on it. I’ve only been dealing with it for about two years.


by: Doug in s.d.ca

Hard telling why it would wear, but if it did then oil would be atomized from blowing thru the worn spots.

Other than the smell, is it performing as usual?


Oil in compressor air
by: Martin

Yes, it seems to operate normally otherwise. I’ve broken down and called the local Ingersoll Rand service center to send someone to look at it.

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