Oil comes through air pipe

by Dale
(South Africa)

when spraying, bits of oil is found in the paint. its clearly bypassing a seal or something. what do I do to fix this problem?

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Dec 08, 2014
Oil comes through air line
by: Bill

When you are spraying, I take it to mean you are spray painting?

You don't indicate make or model of air compressor, so I cannot offer anything specific.

All lubricated air compressors drive oil from the sump into the air tank and ultimately the air stream.

If your air compressor is older, more oil will be bypassing the piston seals and entering the air stream into the tank. That you are noticing it now might suggest it's time for a pump seal rebuild.

If it's a periodic problem with oil in the compressed air, consider adding a coalescent filter just before the air enters the spray equipment, and this should remove any oil there, before it gets sprayed onto your work piece.

See the page on coalescent filters on this site for more info on these if you need them.


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