Oil comes out from tank drain

by eddie bantog

Hi Bill...i have no idea why so many oil comes out from air tank,and when i check the oil level guage its to low already,what is the main cause??my compressor is screw type 50hp...ty

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Aug 14, 2014
Separator filter
by: Bill

I'm not sure from your first post if have checked the separator and the separator filter to be sure they are working properly.

For a manual, if you haven't got one, talk to the manufacturer:

Kyungwon Machinery Co., Ltd.
3Na 602Ho, 1280-1 Jeongwang-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do 429-450 Korea
Contact name:
James Oh , Deputy Manager

Aug 14, 2014
Oil comes out from tank drain
by: eddie

You mean oil separator filter?? or oil filter??KYUNGWON TECHNOMIC SCREW (AC-S50TA2)for your reference...thanks a lot...

Aug 13, 2014
Oil out from tank drain
by: Bill

It's a bit hard for anyone to offer specifics as you do not indicate the make or model of your compressor.

You should check the manual to see about the oil separator on your compressor. This strips the oil from the air stream entering the tank, and if it is not working properly, more oil than normal is getting into the the compressor tank and into the air mains.

There is also typically a filter element in there, and yours may be plugged.


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