Compressor oil change ~ old Sears air compressor

I have 20+ yrs old sears 2hp mo.# 106.153991.

Would like to know how much oil it takes?

Bill answers...


Difficult to say without actually seeing the unit.

At the base of the compressor head you should find a drain for the compressor oil, and often just above that will be a sight glass to help you determine whether your unit has enough oil.

Here's a pic of the sight glass.

Just below the sight glass is the oil drain for my compressor.

Near the top of the compressor head will be a vented fill port which you unscrew to allow you to pour compressor oil in.

All I do when it's time to change my oil is drain the crankcase through the drain port, replace the drain plug, and then slowly add oil through the fill port while I'm watching the sight glass to make sure I don't overfill.

My guess is that you're dealing with a few ounces of compressor oil to fill yours.

Hope this helps.



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Nov 08, 2008
Sight Glass?
by: Curt

Hi. My older Sears Craftsman 2 hp compressor, which is one of the silver -metallic-green ones, also says Sears Best on the label, and also does not have a sight glass. I cannot find my Owners Manual at the present time, and do not know what oil to use to fill it. Does anyone know or remember? I seem to remember it called for motor oil as opposed to compressor oil, but I'm not sure. Thanks.

Bill says...

I'd be surprised if it used motor oil versus compressor oil. I were you, I'd go to the Sears outlet, find a new compressor, ask to look at the manual, and then use the recommendation in there.


Aug 12, 2008
thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you for responding

mine doesn't have sight glass

it's a sears best model

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how to change oil in sears 25 gallon air compressor

by A S
(Kitchener,ON. Canada)

Sears 25 gallon air compressor Model : 919.721820 purchased it used and just for the safe side would like to replace the oil, or if I can get access to service diagram that can explain which area to drain and pour new oil in it. Please help.

Bill answers...

Hello Amir:

If you look at or near the top of the compressor head, you should find a port with a screwed in plug. That plug might have a slot for a screwdriver, but more likely either has a square head or hex head onto which you can place a wrench. Others have a hand-knob that you can unscrew, leaving a hole into which you can pour oil.

Make sure it's clean, compressor oil.

Look around the bottom of the compressor head, and you will find another plugged port, similar to what's noted above, from which you can drain the oil from the compressor head.

Before opening that plug, consider what you are going to do with the waste oil both in terms of avoiding a mess when it pours out, and disposal of the waste oil, which is a hazardous waste, I believe.

Drain the oil, replace that plug, and fill with clean fresh compressor oil.

Careful not to overfill as this will cause service issues in time.

Sear compressors are usually Craftsman brand. So, if you Google "Craftsman" you should find a source (I did)for getting a manual for your compressor.



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