Oil can on side of compressor?

by Pablo
(Kennewick Wa)

I recently purchased a used Junair air compressor. It appears to be a 6/25.

It has a bottle on the side with a small plastic air line running from the bottom of the un-loader valve and a second larger tube coming out of the bottle.

The compressor does not have a regulator/separator on it, and I noticed one just like mine on Ebay that had a lot of plastic lines running to the oil catch bottle.

The purpose of this air compressor is for air brushing in my studio.

My question is this: do I need all that oil catch can system back to original to get clean oil free air to air brush with? and what was the purpose of all that plumbing on the original system?

Also where can I buy a new sight bubble for the oil system, mine is difficult to see thru.

Thanks in advance.


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Feb 27, 2016
Can on side of compressor
by: Bill

Palo, I think the bottle on the side of your Jun Air is for the tank auto drain. Rather than spit water and crud onto the floor, the auto drain puts the condensate into the bottle, and then you empty the bottle as required.

I don't believe this bottle has anything to do with catching oil.

If you want truly oil-free air for your air brush, you need to add a coalescent filter. See the page on this item on this site if you need more info.

Since I cannot see all the lines you refer to, I cannot comment on them.

If you need a new sight glass, empty the oil, pull the existing sight glass and check the thread size. There are many sight glasses available for purchase on line, they are not expensive, but you must match the thread.

If you need the specs for the sight glass thread, you can likely get them from Jun Air directly.

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