Oil blowing out the fill tube on a AJAX SRW5-30V

by Doyle H.
(Georgia, USA)

AJAX SRW5-30V pump

AJAX SRW5-30V pump

AJAX SRW5-30V pump
AJAX SRW5-30V plate
AJAX SRW5-30V tank

Hi Bill, just a little back round on the AJAX SRW5-30V that I have. It came from my Dad's upholstery shop in 2003 when he passed away and it has sat in my basement till last year.

I've drained the water that was in the tank (there wasn't much) and connected the power to the motor.

It's running fine and will cut off around 125 psi after a short time after it has filled the tank.

The only thing is there is oil being blown out the plastic fill tube located above the sight glass while it's running.

I haven't changed the oil yet and it appears (the oil) to be in good shape and I didn't see any water in it thru the sight glass.

My question to you is do you think the rings are allowing a small amount of air to get down into the sump part of the crank case?

If so would you know where I can get a new set of rings for it before real damage can happen.

I did find a cross reference over to a Sanborn #500A30V but didn't put a lot of confidence in that.

There is another number that was cast on the side of the pump 0673 but that's all and could find a mfg. anywhere else on it.

Another thought that I had was to pull the head plate off and maybe squirt some penetrating lube onto the pistons around the rings.

Any light you can shed would be helpful!!!!
Doyle H.

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