OF302-25B dumping air


Jun Air OF302-25B

Unloader valve dumping air then compressor starting up again. Keeps doing this in a "cycle".
Took unloader valve off and cleaned the little seal and brass pin, then added a touch of Fomblin grease to help keep a smooth action.
But still doing the cycling !! :-(

(See https://www.about-air-compressors.com/unloadervalve.html - Moderator)

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Jun 02, 2016
by: Alan

Thank you Buster, that worked a treat..


Jun 01, 2016
Dumping air
by: Buster

Sounds like the tank check valve could be at fault. The tank check should seal when the pressure switch cycles off, and the unloader then bleeds the air out of the line to allow the compressor to start unloaded. Just a thought.

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