North American
       Compressor Manufacturers

Are you a North American compressor manufacturer? I think there is a building demand for North American compressor manufacturers and air compressors that are built in North America.

I don't mean air compressors that are built here from a gazillion parts imported from an Asian country, but companies that actually design, carve steel, form metal, build parts and assemble high quality, North American built air compressors.

Compressors for the industrial market and for the home compressor user too. You might not believe how many postings this site gets from people frustrated beyond belief that they cannot get parts, cannot get service, heck, cannot even find people that know anything about the air compressor where they bought it from.

Yes, North American compressor manufacturers will have to charge more for their compressors as the people building them are living the North American life style, with commensurate income and cost of living.

But you know what? I think people are now really willing to pay more for quality, for knowledge, and for readily accessible spare parts and support!

So, how about it air compressor builders? If you manufacture some of your air compressors in North America and you want folks to know about it, here is where you can tell more than 3/4 of a million people per year.

Post your company information below for folks to see. Be honest please. Your customers are smarter than you may think!