noisy compressor on 919.175251/ ABP-4900 Pump

by Neil cunningham
(Hickory NC)

I just bought his unit used and i saw it run before i bought it but i did not wait for the tank to fill so guess its my bad.

So here is my issue, I put power on it yesterday and it started up fine no issues sounds good. The unit gets to like 70 psi and then start getting noisy but the pressure still builds. when the unit gets to around 100 psi it is struggling and i shut it down cause i was not sure if it would make it.

The guy that sold it to me said it worked fine and that he had replaced the valves.

so here is where i am at i need to do sandblasting and i have a spare 60 gallon tank i am going to parallel with this unit.

I have thought about buying one of the harbor freight 5 hp compressors and just swap them out but i dont know where or what to buy to get a pipe from the head to the tank.

is this pump worth fixing and what do you guys thinks is wrong?

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Apr 28, 2018
Fixed 919.175251...
by: Doug in

Oh, cool.

I shudda thought of that...

At least it was cheap!

Apr 26, 2018
fixed it - 919.175251
by: Neil Cunningham

I fixed my issue guess the belt was loose but it did not seem to be ...

Apr 20, 2018
Discharge tube
by: Doug in

You may be able to re-use the existing tube and fittings. If not, you can probably get what you need (adapters or new tube) from your local big-box or hardware store.

Apr 20, 2018
ABP-4900 Pump
by: Doug in

You may be able to fix it, but parts are limited, and new ABP-4900s run close to 600 bux. Ouch.
As to what's wrong, sounds a lot like just a bad gasket - did the guy say he replaced the gasket when he did the valves? Did he do both sets of valves? Whether or not it's the gasket, sounds like the HP side is leaking back to LP side.

So, yeah, consider the HF pump. Just run the heck out of it as soon as you can so if it's gonna break, it does so before the 90 day warranty.

Also be careful not to over drive it, the present pump runs about 1400rpm, the HF is 1050MAX.

Have fun and good luck.

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