No water is collecting in GAST tank?

by Ellie

Hi Bill,

"No water is collecting in the tank, where is it going?"

I am working with a GAST air compressor. We used to drain the tank every so often and there would be quite a bit of water collected. In the past few weeks every time we try to drain it, only a few drops come out.

Instead water is spraying out the pressure relief valve and now the unloader valve.

Also the compressor now doesn't shut off once the tank pressure is reached.

Instead compressed air leaks from near the unloader valve.

What do you think is the issue? The unloader valve? the pressure controller? or the tank?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Aug 02, 2018
Gast water - where is it going?
by: Bill

Interesting issue, Ellie.

OK, first off, why isn't the compressor shutting off at the normal high pressure cut out? Or, is the tank pressure not actually getting up to the normal cut out, due to pressure leaking elsewhere? Please double check the pressure level in the tank to ensure that the pressure is bypassing the normal cut out. If it is, that would normally mean a new pressure switch.

You mention only a few drops of water coming out of the tank, yet water coming out elsewhere? From that I discern that your tank drain valve may be blocked, and in fact, you've got lots of water in the tank, it's "blowing everywhere", but not draining.

Please check both of these and add a comment with your findings. Thanks.

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