No start, no noise.

by Rik
(Spfld IL)

Proforce 11 gal 120v. rarely used. Wont start, no noise at all.

Pressure switch has power coming out to motor and capacitor wire, but no power at capacitor wire (connected or not) cap seems to test ok ( takes and releases small charge thru multi-meter)

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Jun 21, 2016
by: Doug in

There are sometimes fuses. breakers, and/or thermal devices, either internal or external.

That there is no noise suggests to me that something like that is the first thing, then if it makes noise but won't start, the cap(s).

Jun 20, 2016
Cap test
by: Rik

I did not see the capacitor test procedure, but I am checking for it now.

The Cap wires have no power at all at the connections coming out of the motor, but the wire going to the motor has power at the switch.

I will check wires for a break. Is there ever a fusible link or anything in the wiring at all?

Jun 20, 2016
Compressor - no noise - no start
by: Bill

If power is flowing into one end of the wire, and not out the other, then that would certainly suggest a break in the wire, assuming I understand your comment.

Typically the capacitor releases its charge when the motor is attempting to start, using the boost from the cap to aid in the inrush current requirements.

If power is getting to the cap, and the motor is not making any response, I'd still be looking at the cap.

Did you follow the capacitor test procedure found on this site?

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