No motor or sheave on this oldie...

No motor or sheave or sheave on this compressor

No motor or sheave or sheave on this compressor

No motor or sheave or sheave on this compressor
This air compressor has no motor or sheave
Can't make out compressor info tag
Can't make out compressor ID tag

Attached image is all I know. Can't make out ID tag.

No motor or sheave.

Want to investigate the cost of parts before making an offer.

The original hardware has long been gone.

, can owner more if need. Sam

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Aug 09, 2015
DeVilbiss 230
by: Roger

Made the same mistake as last time, it's a 230, not a 220.

Jul 29, 2015
DeVilbiss 220.
by: Roger

It's a DeVilbiss 220. Good machine in its day.

Might be worth a few hundred if the tank is ok.

Keep in mind this may be a very old machine and may be a pile of problems if it was not maintained.

I believe aftermarket parts are still available. Easy to work on and serviceable.

Single stage machine, so about 130psi MAX pressure output would be reasonable. Note the bottom end and cylinders are one piece, so if the bores are shot, the whole thing is junk unless you reline the cylinders.

As an HVAC control compressor, it may have had an easy life.

It may also have received little to no maintenance if locked away in a mechanical room no one visited. You pays yer money....

Jul 26, 2015
by: Bill

Sam, I did not respond earlier, as I do not know the make.

I have lots of folks that visit this site and look at the older air compressors, and I expect that down the way someone will post some info about yours.

No idea what the value is as I don't know where it is, or what used compressors in your area sell for.

For a non-running air compressor missing components, I would guess the value would be very little.

Once you get it working, if you do, look for comparable HP and tank sized air compressors on line in your area for the best guide to used value.


Jul 26, 2015
Not seeing your response
by: Sam Williams

Can not see your response.
What do you feel this is worth as is and what value would it have with a correct motor and line starter, great working condition?

I've fixed these in the past, mostly leaking air issues, broken inlet value or a rotten tank.


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