No intake filter on fiac 3000/3001 compressor

by Alejandro
(Bogota - Colombia)

Fiac air compressor

Fiac air compressor

Hello bill, Im Alejandro from Colombia, your website has cleared many questions i had about air compressors, thank you so much señor Bill

and this time id like to ask you a question

i bought a little oilless air compressor (fiac 3000/3001), it is a 1 hp and 6 liters air compressor and i noticed this air compressor doesnt have any intake filter, i checked the manual and it doesnt say anything about that, i checked other several oilless air compressors from different brands with 1 hp and almost 6 liters or 3 gallons and they dont have an intake filter too, it is like those little air compressors for car tyres that doesnt have filters too, so thinking about it, is it because these little air compressors are for home use where you will not find a dusty or dirty environment?, or their intake suction power is not enough to catch so many debris? also with such a low horsepower maybe an intake filter could lower and affect its little performance because of restriction of air incoming?

thank you so much for your answer señor Bill...

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Oct 07, 2014
Thanks for the images Alejandro...
by: Bill

Unfortunately, none of the links you included work.

If it isn't too much trouble, would you please start a new thread in this same forum, upload the actual images there (up to four), and just indicate that they are for the comment Filter Installed under compressed air filters, and I'll move the images to here, and delete the new posting.

That way all visitors can see your new installation.



Oct 06, 2014
Filter installed
by: Alejandro - Colombia

Hello señor Bill and guys, this is the filter installed, i bought a small filter for shulz compressors, i tried my best to make a good coupling. As i thought the performance was affect a bit, without the air filter from empty to full took between 60 and 62 seconds top, and after the installation it took 69 seconds

Sep 30, 2014
air flow
by: Doug in

If I were you, I'd probably stick a piece of cloth or a real filter on it, depending on what the intake looks like..

I doubt it would affect performance noticeably, and give you peace of mind.

Sep 30, 2014
Fiac compressor intake filter
by: Bill

You are most welcome, Alejandro. I am glad you found my site to be of use.

As to the missing intake filter on your fiac 3000/3001 air compressor, I can only assume that the manufacturers have decided that what they call "hobby air compressors" don't have a need for an intake filter.

Interesting question, and one never asked before.

It will be interesting to see if the lack of an intake air filter on smaller air compressors has been an issue for anyone else.



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