no air pressure while compressor is running

by Jeff
(Columbus, Ohio)

I have a 6 gallon air compressor that I purchased two years ago. problem: when the container of oil that came with the compressor ran out, I stupidly began using automobile oil, Instead of compressor oil. Thinking they were basically the same.

After awhile, I started to notice that even though the compressor pump was running normally, there was little to no air pressure at all. So I'm thinking its because the wrong type of oil was used. That I need to drain the vehicle oil, and insert the correct type of compressor oil, and the compressor will work like it used to.

Is it likely that using the wrong type of oil would have made the compressor that dysfunctional. And would draining the vehicle oil be as simple as turning the compressor upside-down to let the oil drain, then put the compressor oil. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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Oct 24, 2014
Compressor oil issue
by: Bill

Since you don't indicate the make or model, I cannot comment on how you would get the wrong oil out of the air compressor.

Yes, draining the oil and putting the correct oil is would be useful.

Did you follow the link and do the checks found on page:

I would suggest that you do so, then start a new thread under the forum for the make of air compressor you have, included a couple of photos of both sides of the compressor, and indicate what you found when you did the checks, and we'll see if we can help your figure it out.


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