New unloader valve does not have compression fitting

by Jerry
(Cove City, NC)

I just replaced the following on my Campbell Hausfeld compressor:

CV209301AJ: regulator assembly
CV303100AJ: Pressure switch assembly

I did not buy a new tube.

All went well, but my original unloader tube has a compression fitting but the new valve does not. It appears that maybe the tube is just supposed to be inserted in the new unloader valve, but not sure.

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Jan 27, 2016
It's fixed
by: Jerry

Thanks for the help! All I did was cut off the tube right behind the compression fitting and pushed it into the new valve. It's working fine.
The parts were about $100 and it took less than an hour to fix. I was considering buying a new one but it didn't make sense economically.

Then again, if I did decide to buy a new one, I could feel good about selling this one in working order.

Jan 19, 2016
CV303100AJ Pressure switch assembly
by: Bill

When I found this product on line, I couldn't get a close up view of the pressure switch.

I think it's a Condor, but couldn't see clearly enough to identify the model.

Many modern pressure switches do have a "push in" fitting on the bottom to accept the tube from the tank check valve.

In your case, if you can move the compression ring back, or if there is enough room between the compression ring and the end of the tube, insert it into the hole in the bottom of the switch. It should fit snugly and not come back out with a tug on the tube.

If it is a push to connect fitting as I suspect, you will find a collett around the hole where the tube inserts. In order to remove the tube, push in on the tube slightly, depress the collett, and then pull out the tube.

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