New TC-20 compressor refilling slowly.

by Nathan Lueth
(St.Paul, MN)

I'm a traveling caricaturist who’s been happily using a TC-20 for ten years. So naturally, when my old one finally bit it, I wanted another just like it.

Unfortunately the new one doesn’t seem to refill as quickly as I need it to.

It fills to 60ish PSI, and kicks on when the pressure drops to 50 PSI, but if I continue to use it while its trying to refill, the compressor doesn’t keep up and the pressure continues to fall to as low as 30 PSI. Too low for my needs and preferences.

Never had this problem with my old one and I’ve tried a friends TC-20, but his refills quickly enough that the pressure doesn’t drop below 45-40PSI.

It doesn’t seem to be leaking that I can detect, and when I compare how fast they fill from empty, my friends fills faster too. Is there a fix for this, or should I just return it and get another one?


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Aug 13, 2018
by: Doug in

If you feel like bothering, try letting it fill up and see how long it takes to start up again, or just leave it unplugged and see if you have pressure after an hour or so.

As Bill says, probably don't spend any money in it, but if it's just a leak, you can probably fix it quicker than returning it.

Aug 12, 2018
New TC-20 compressor
by: Bill

The troubleshooting compressors link on this site has a link to a page about why air compressors don't fill up properly.

Although, it were me, I wouldn't mess with it, but would return it for replacement under warranty.

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