New pressure switch and check valve but Campbell Hausfeld WL604003 still bleeds air

by JT

Unloader valve bleeds all the time and the exhaust tube gets really hot

I have a Campbell Hausfeld WL604003. I have been following your troubleshooting guide. I replaced the entire Pressure Switch (which has a new unloader valve ) and then replaced the Check Valve. Still, the unloader valve bleeds constantly.
Your suggestions are appreciated.

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Jun 22, 2015
Unloader valve bleeds constantly
by: JT

I did find some huge leaks. The leaks were so big that the soap solution quickly blew away. Found the leaks by turning off the compressor and closely listening for the 'hissing'. thanks for the help.

Jun 22, 2015
Campbell Hausfeld WL604003 bleeding air
by: Bill

Hey JT, thanks for the question and for providing the info you did to help me help you.

As to this... "the exhaust tube gets really hot" I'm not sure what you mean by this. If it is the tube from the pump head to the tank, then yes, too-hot-too-touch is normal if the compressor is running for some time.

Are you sure the air you are feeling is coming from the unloader valve and not, perhaps, from the relief hole on the regulator?

If you replaced the tank check valve, and it is the right one, and it is installed correctly, and assuming that the seal didn't get damaged or crudded up on installation, then air cannot be coming back out of the tank and out the unloader valve.

With the tank as full as you can get it, the power off, put some liquid dish soap and water ( one part soap - 9 parts water) all over the unloader valve to be sure that's where the air is coming from.

Also, coat the regulator as well.

What do you see when you do this?


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