New Pneumatic Plus Regulator leaking

by Alex


Just bought this-

and shortly after the regulator started leaking from the vent ports exactly as you describe in your article.

I e-mailed Pneumatic plus and they told me to lower pressure and press on the stem to reseat it but it did not work.

Since then they don't seem to be responding to my e-mails. They have no manual or documentation on their site.

I'd like to fix it if possible, I'm not sure it warrantied - they don't say.

There is a plug on the top with a hex socket and of course the stem coming out of the bottom. Should I remove the hex plug or the stem to diagnose this?


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Jul 27, 2018
No specs
by: Doug in

I agree with Bill, but I'm curious as to what your input pressure is...given the reg only has a 140 psi gauge.

The warranty is a year, so maybe get on the phone. Opening it voids the warranty, natch.

Good luck.

Jul 26, 2018
Pneumatic Plus Regulator leaking
by: Bill

Not worth fixing in my opinion, with spare parts in short supply and expensive.

If they won't replace it under warranty, buy a new one - about $10-15 depending on where - and tell them you are doing so, and the next time you need an air compressor, it won't be their brand you'll buy.

Good luck.

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