Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Won’t Build Air Pressure – Solutions & Causes

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New Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor won’t build air pressure

by al

My IR will not build pressure and it’s brand new? It’s brand new and will not build any pressure.

They sent me 23191877 valve & gasket kit but no directions or specs for torque(spelling?)

Looked at book and there is 2 valves??????????? wtf?


Al, it’s odd, but I guess not unheard of, that a brand new air compressor won’t build pressure.

I know little about your air compressor from your post since you did not identify the model so I can’t do any research on it.

If it’s oil lubed, you would likely have had to add the oil when you got it home?

Compressors are, as you now know well, noisy. It is difficult to hear an air leak from a fitting or tank drain on a running compressor. Take pains, then, to check the tank drain is closed. On some new compressors they ask you to run the compressor for a period of time with the tank drain open as a compressor break in process. If yours asked that, did you close the drain?

Pull the air inlet filter and feel if there is suction when the compressor is running. There should be.

If you must tear it down, do so carefully both in terms of reassembly, or identifying the location on the compressor of the replacement parts you received.

Know, as again you have found out, that many mass-market, low cost compressors, have no North American support, and they truly are made to use and then throw away.

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