New compressor will not turn on model 3848?

by gary

I have the comprssor wired up. both leads coming in have power at the pressure switch. when power switch is turned on, the leads at the motor also have 120 volts each but the motor does not run or make any noise.

Gary, thanks for the info. I tried to find the Harbor Freight model number 3848 but all I got when I went to the Harbor Freight site was a lawn irrigation kit.

So, from that, I am wondering if the part number is correct, and if so, how you bought a new air compressor from HF that does not show up on their site? :-)

Regardless, if it's new, and you have a problem, take it back and ask for a new one!

Before then, good that you checked power to the pressure switch and that the pressure switch is calling for air, and power is flowing to the motor circuit.

That suggests to me that the power is not actually getting to the motor, but rather, is being held up by the start capacitor, and that suggests that the start cap may be faulty.

See the page on this site about checking the caps.

Also, if you included a photo of your compressor, I may be able to help further. Can't see it, don't know for sure what it looks like, down't know if it is a traditional compressor switch on your Harbor Freight air compressors, or one of tubular types.



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Nov 30, 2012
Compressor won't start
by: Gary

The model for the compressor shows 3848. it is also the same compressor manual as the 93274. I pulled of the little cap on the back of the motor and I have 110v x 2 coming into the motor where the leads connect inside the motor. from this point, I dont know what else to check. I went and exchanged it for another compressor and I am having the same issue. The units are reconditionded but In think it would be unlikely to have 2 doing the same thing...
Agreed. Unlikely two separate compressors would have exactly the same problem. This suggests that the issue is related to your installation. Silly question, but are you using an extension cord? If so, try plugging the compressor directly into a socket.

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90234 air compressor will not build pressure?

Hello, my problem is my compressor will not build pressure. The motor runs great, but no pressure. I suspect a leak at the point where the unload copper tube Assy. and the pressure switch connect. I haven't removed anything yet, should I expect to find an O ring seal at this connection point, or is it more likly my problem is with the pressure switch? Is it possible to test the pressure switch? Thanks

Danny, while a leak is always possible, a quick spritz with dish soap and water over all the fittings and connections will alert you to any leaks.

I don't think your Central Pneumatic 90234 air compressor is suffering from a leak, however.

There are a number of reasons why any air compressor will run on and on and not build air pressure.

One of the first things I like to do is pull the intake filter and feel near the intake port to see if air is actually being pulled into the compressor while the compressor is running. Is there air being pulled into the compressor via the intake port on your air compressor?

If not, that suggests an intake valve problem.

If you go to the site map page, look under troubleshooting, then follow the link to the page about why air compressors run and do not build air pressure, you will find more checks.



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