Need to replace blown regulator on old black max 80 gal vertical

by Jim fox
(Leander Texas )

Acquired from my brother about 2005 used. Installed. But don't use much. Turn it off when I leave the shop.

One day in the shop sitting there turned on . The regulator blew the top off. With a loud noise and blew it acrosss the shop.

What is the issue? Regulator gone bad or more?

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Dec 21, 2014
Blown regulator
by: Bill

Could be a bad regulator, or it could be that the compressor over-pressurized, Jim.

Did it normally cut out at the right pressure setting? Was that cut out pressure changing?

Any idea what the pressure in the tank was when the regulator let go?

I cannot see the regulator you have Jim. If it's in the small panel on the front of the compressor or not. Regardless, shut down the compressor, dump all the air, remove the regulator, replace it with a new one (I suggest a fluid power distributor as a source rather than a big box store. You'll pay more but then get industrial quality. And yes, there is a difference.) and then monitor the pressure after you start the compressor again.

If the pressure exceeds the normal cut out pressure setting, then you've answered your question. It's not likely the regulator but the pressure switch that may be bad.

If the compressor stops regularly at the normal cut out, then your regulator was likely the issue.


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