Need Info on Binks 33-585

by Tim
(Ripon, CA, United State)

 Binks 33-585

Binks 33-585

 Binks 33-585
 Binks 33-585 info plate

I am looking for the following for this compressor (See attached photos):

1. Specifications (Horsepower requirements, pressure and flow output, etc.)

2. Information on how to set up the compressor to put back in service (i.e. how to hook up the pilot lines and adjust cut-in and cut-out pressures)

3. Serviceability information (i.e. were to get parts, if they are needed).

Lastly, I understand Qunicy built compressors for Binks, so if we cant get info through Binks, is there a way to determine if it is a Quincy Compressor, and if so, what the cross reference is to a Quincy?

Any help with this matter is appreciated,



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