Need help to connect wiring correctly.

by Walter Banta
(Gardena, California)

Emglo wheelbarrow compressor

Emglo wheelbarrow compressor


I recently purchased one of your older wheelbarrow compressors, and I can find no model number affixed. The unit would be described as follows:

1 Wheelbarrow type/two cylindrical tanks
2. Has dual voltage, A.O. Smith motor part no. 7-196138-02, Serial 056085M
3. Has a pressure switch

The power cord attached to the pressure switch has a 220 volt plug, and another cable "bridges" between the pressure switch and the dual voltage switch.

The white wire of the "bridge" cord connects to the "purple" wire in the dual voltage switch.
The black wire of the "bridge" cord connects to the "Yellow-black" wire in the dual voltage switch.

The green wire of the "bridge" cord is grounded to the housing of the dual voltage switch.

Question: Because the power cable is presently fitted with a 220 v. plug, I would just as soon leave it there and build an adapter cable for 115 volt connection -

1. When I throw the dual voltage switch to 115 volts -

Can I connect the black lead from 115 volts to the black lead in the 220 volt plug

Can I connect the white lead from the 115 volts to the white lead on the 220 plug

Can I connect the green lead from the 115 volts to the green lead on the 220 volt plug

In other words, once the dual voltage switch is turned to 115 volts, can I simply connect 115 volts to the black/white leads that originally carried the two legs of 115 into the 220 plug?

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Oct 28, 2014
Air Compressor Wiring
by: Walt Banta

Thank you both for your comments and suggestions. I considered wiring directly to the pressure switch and changing out the 220v plug completely; however, I may want it in the future, depending on where/how I am working.

As a result, I will simply go with the "adapter cord," and though it may not meet with conventional acceptance, it will serve my immediate needs.

Thank you again,
Walt Banta

Oct 27, 2014
switch ?
by: Anonymous

why not just go into the pressure switch where the 220 vac cord is connected, and install a 115 vac cord(black/white/green wires rated for your amperage) & cord cap(outlet connector) ? Build the length you want/need for a wall switch connection to 115 vac . Make sure to read/install the wiring to the proper connectors. There should be a wiring diagram inside the pressure switch. If you are unsure of your abilities at this point, ask an electrical buddy for help.
After accomplishing this feat, you will be rewiring your house next :)
BTW: wiring to a cord cap of any voltage is totally unnecessary & never recommended by knowledgeable people .Do it right the first time and live without worries .

Oct 27, 2014
wiring power
by: Doug in

So this has the original power cord with a molded 220V plug, and you do not want to cut the plug off to put on a 120V plug on?

If yes, then your adapter cord would be wired as you describe.

Also, if you break out the hot (black) wire, you can use it to measure current with a clamp-on meter.

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