Need a new Power Switch assembly for 94667

by Lisa
(Clarkston, MI.)

Unfortunately someone tried to help me but made one problem become 2 problems while trying to fix the air leak which appeared to be coming from the plumbing which is located between the side of the power switch cover and the tank.

It looks as though this plumbing goes into the power switch cover but I can't see due to the minimal space.

I can feel the air escaping from a tiny pin size hole right by the nut on the plumbing. (Which was the only and original problem).

The Power switch assembly box was removed to have better access but a tiny bolt, or set screw fell inside the switch box. The person who tried to retrieve it handed me a pile of parts 30 minutes later because as they took it apart, it came/sprung apart and he didn't know how to put it back together so now I have two problems.

I don't see in the manual what part it is that I need to fix the leak, but now I need a new power switch assembly as well. I don't have a picture at the moment, but I can post one if needed.

Please help!!!

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Sep 23, 2016
Power Switch assembly for 94667
by: Bill

Yup, putting a pressure switch back together is not something I'll do. I'll simply get another.

What you refer to as the power switch assembly is more commonly known as a pressure switch.

The switch the 94667 uses is fairly common, a bottom mounted unit that sits on a nipple up from the tank, and into which the power cord connects.

If you Google compressor pressure switches, you will find quite a number of sources. Get one that has the same pressure range (or close to) as your disassembled switch so you don't have to worry about resetting the set points.

As to the leak, I believe it is pointing to the tank check valve leaking. There was no need to take apart the switch at all I think.

See the site map page, scroll down to the compressor troubleshooting section, and read the pages that apply for more detailed help.

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