7 hp sears professonal - need a new motor

by kevin hoffman
(cohutta Ga,usa)

need the motor, my old one burnt up, too to the motor shop and the said it needed to be rewound help

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60 Gallon AC Sears 919.184190

by Danny
(Sparta, TN)

I have a Sears 919.184190 (Devilbiss) 7 HP 60 gallon compressor. It's always worked great but has an issue it's had since day one. When using the compressor it shuts off when it's supposed to at 150 PSI, then kicks back on again at 90 PSI.

The issue it has is that it blows a bit of light smoke out of the intake filter assembly when it reaches about 120 - 125 PSI, it starts as a very light smoke then gets progressivly heavier the closer it gets to the cut off. When it kicks off again at 150 PI it's pretty heavy smoke then blows smoke out of the unloader.

This compressor does not have an adjustable regulator. It does not struggle to build pressure or use any oil. Nor does it have any unusual noises. I use only oil made for air compressors and change it regularly. Thanks.

Bill says...

Compressor pumps run really not, and, if the piston seals are leaking, then oil can get into the copmpression chamber, and perhaps, create smoke.

If that smoke blows out the intake filter, you have a problem with the intake valve leaking.

If there is smoke in the compression chamber when the compressor reaches cut out pressure, then that smoke, and air trapped over the piston, will vent out the unloader when the compressor stops.

I think, however, that your compressor is running too hot so you may have some other issues relating to this.



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Oct 12, 2011
Smoking Compressor
by: Danny

Thanks Bill, like you I think it may be an over heating issue once it reaches the high end. I replaced the regulator with an adjustable and set it to come on at 90 PSI and shut off at 125 PSI. With these settings it is no longer blowing smoke. But I have ordered gaskets and a valve kit and am going to rebuild the head. I also removed the OSHA reguired flywheel / belt guard and that also seems to help the air flow accross the pump / head. I'll keep you posted as to my success / failure. - Dan


Thanks, we all will appreciate the update.


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