Need a belt guard but can't find my paper work

by Jeff Johnson
(Sunland CA)

Early model Craftsman air compressor

Early model Craftsman air compressor

Hello Bill....I need a belt guard but can't find my paper work..please help me to identify sears craftsman..thanks so much for your help

bought craftsman new late 80s or 90s not sure DeVilbiss tank..hope you can shed some light ...I've refurbished twice with upgrades but would like to install a belt guard...please help me ..Jeff

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Oct 10, 2015
I think I have your belt guard. exact fit i might add
by: Doug

its from model number 919156781 craftsman air compressor paint sprayer. take good advice definitely find a guard, when that belt bite you it takes fingers off. a friend of mine experienced the first hand at his job.i'll check the local junk yard. aka my dads yard. if I come up with a match or something close you will hear back from me.

Sep 30, 2015
Belt guard source
by: Eric

If you haven't found a guard yet you can look at McMaster-Carr at I use them daily at work and they are a top shelf company. When you go to their site type steel guards for chains and belts.

May 30, 2015
Beslt gaurd for craftsman compressor 265-104
by: Bill

Well, that is the model number for quite an old Craftsman, twin piston.

As was noted earlier, an attempt to find parts for this compressor failed.

If you Google Compressor Belt Guard you will find sources. You'll have to find one that you can cobble up to fit your Craftsman compressor, I'm afraid.

May 30, 2015
belt guard
by: Jeff

thanks everybody---good suggestions--looked all over the compressor for a # only one--265-104 Jeff

May 27, 2015
belt guard
by: Doug in

Even with the model #, I seriously doubt you'll find a replacement off the shelf, as it were.

I'd engage in keeping my eye open for junk that would serve with little or no modification, and/or consider having one fabbed. An ornamental iron outfit might be a place to start.

Good luck.

May 27, 2015
Belt guard for Craftsman compressor
by: Bill

Jeff, to be sure, we need the model number.

There's going to be one somewhere on the compressor on a plate of some sort, we expect.

Please provide that as a comment here.

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