My Porter Cable keeps hissing

My Pancake comp.(Porter Cable) keeps hissing and sounds like it wants to start up.

This happens after I run it for an hour or two.

It will start pressuring up then shut off, but when it shuts off it will start losing air slowly. ( a light hissing noise) Then it will start trying to start, but only for a second or two. This will continue until I shut it off.

I thought it just burned up or went out; but when I brought it home it had been off and unplugged for 5 or 6 hours(I also completely depressurized it). I plugged it in; it ran fine for an hour or two then started doing the same thing. Anyone have any answers or ideas anything will be appreciated


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Sep 29, 2015
Hissing compressor
by: Bill

The first thing that comes to mind is that you are likely exceeding the duty cycle of the compressor by a significant margin.

Please read the page on this site about duty cycle and what that means to compressor operation.

Add any further information about your compressor condition as a comment here if you are not exceeding the duty cycle.

You might also want to see the pages on unloader valves and tank check valves as these may be an issue on your Porter Cable compressor as well.

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