My compressor just won't turn on.

by Joe
(Collegeville, Pa)

I've read a few people say hit the reset button. I can't find a reset button on my unit anywhere. Can you point it out? I was a small engine mechanic many years ago, I'm very mechanically inclined. I'm baffled on this one. Everything else seems to check out.

Only other thing left is the capacitor. No extension cord is being used.
When you reviewed the troubleshooting page about compressors that won't start, what have you checked so far?

Air in tank, power to pressure switch, power past the pressure switch to motor circuit?

It's step by step from power source to where the power is not creating the issue desired (as in motor on).

As to where the thermal switch is, if there is one, and I don't have this compressor to confirm it, the power from the motor supply circuit must go through this to the motor, or it wouldn't be able to shut off the motor.


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