Central Pneumatic air compressor problems

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My 94667 compressor leaks oil?

by Dean
(Waxhaw, NC)

The unit seems to work fine but the compressor leaks oil and leave oil all over the floor and of course the oil needs to be topped up regularly. Even though the unit is not used much it still leaks oil.

Central Pneumatic 94667 air compressor
Central Pneumatic 94667 air compressor


Hi Dean…

Your air compressor was manufactured in a factory in China I expect, and mass produced, by the thousands. Sometimes (often?) quality assurance isn’t there, nor can quality be assured when the product goes through several hands (and mark ups) before reaching the retail outlet where it sells for quite a low price.

You don’t say where the oil is leaking from. Mine, similar in make to yours, has a seal leak near the sump, and though I’ve tightened the bolts, the leak persists, though in my compressor case, it is quite small.

Try tightening the bolts if there are any where it is leaking to see if that helps.

Now my compressor sits on a cardboard sheet to catch the drips, and yes, I have to refill the oil regularly too. This hassle is less of one for me than trying to get a cheaply made air compressor, that is out of warranty, fixed.

Where is yours leaking?

94667 will not build pressure?

by Rob

Will not build pressure beyond 20 psi.

Hi Rob…

Not a lot to go on here.

If you remove the intake filter and start the compressor, can you feel air being pulled into the intake port?

Also, why not visit the site map page, look under troubleshooting, read the pages about why an air compressor will run and not build pressure, and get some things to check on.

Once you have done that, post a comment here telling me what you found, and we can press on trying to solve your compressor problem.

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