My 94667 compressor leaks oil?

by Dean
(Waxhaw, NC)

the unit seems to work fine but the compressor leaks oil and leave oil all over the floor and of course the oil needs to be topped up regularly. Event hough the unit is not used much it still leaks oil.

Hi Dean...

Your air compressor was manufactured in a factory in China I expect, mass produced, by the thousands, and sometimes (often?) quality assurance isn't there.

You don't say where the oil is leaking from. Mine, similar in make to yours, has a seal leak near the sump, and though I've tightened the bolts, the leak persists, though in my compressor case, it is quite small.

Try tightening the bolts if there are any where it is leaking to see if that helps.

Now my compressor sits on a cardboard sheet to catch the drips, and yes, I have to refill the oil regularly too, yet this hassle is less of one than trying to get a cheapy air compressor, that is out of warranty, fixed.

Where is yours leaking?


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Oct 21, 2014
Oil in tank
by: Bill

Typically, and over time, the piston seals wear and start to leak. They leak more and more over time and as they wear.

The cylinder walls are splashed with oil from the sump while the compressor is running. Or, the oil is pumped into the cylinder for lubrication, though that pumping process is found on more expensive, larger compressors.

As the piston cycles - reciprocates - in the cylinder, more oil from the sump can remain on the cylinder wall, hence more oil is mixing with the compressed air that is driven down into the tank.

If there is a noticeable increase in oil in the tank water when you drain the tank - and you do do that every day, right? - then it's probably time to teardown the pump, and replace not only the piston seals, but the intake and pressure valve plate and the gaskets.


Oct 21, 2014
Oil leak into tank
by: G. Cheewah

Hi could someone tell me why my compressor is leaking oil into the tank

Sep 21, 2012
Comment on Compressor leaking oil
by: Dean

Bill's comment is correct.

I took it apart and looked for cracks, etc, but found none but the real problem was the quality of the parts was so bad that the plate that goes over the end was not flat so it left cracks under the gasket for it to leak. I took the plate and sanded it of a very level surface to straighten it up but couldn't figure how to straighten up the end of the compressor where the plate went. We are still trying. It is just a poor quality unit probably made abroad... Nice try to save money.

There is an old proverb: "To buy cheap is dearer."

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94667 will not build pressure?

by Rob

Will not build pressure beyond 20 psi.
Hi Rob...

Not a lot to go on here.

If you remove the intake filter and start the compressor, can you feel air being pulled into the intake port?

Also, why not visit the site map page, look under troubleshooting, read the pages about why an air compressor will run and not build pressure, and get some things to check on.

Once you have done that, post a comment here telling me what you found, and we can press on trying to solve your compressor problem.



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