My # AC2001B air compressor intake valve cracked I need a replacement

Model # AC2001B 2 HP 4 Gallon

The u shaped valve cracked where it is screwed down.
Can I get a replacement and gasket.
The rest of the compressor still works
Did you download your manual from the Clarke site, identify the part needed, and contact Clarke for assistance?

In the absence of an OEM part, others on this site have noted that they have made air compressor valves from the blades of scrapers, using the old valve as a pattern.

Gaskets can be manufactured the same way, using the old as a pattern for the new. Automotive supply houses can supply high heat gasket material, which is what you will need for an air compressor pump.

Good luck. I hope a visitor can provide the exact location where you can obtain parts and post it for you.


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