My 32 gallon husky air compressor runs really loud.

by Dennis pichinevsky
(Houstonia, MO 65333, usa)

The air compressor will run really loud. It also will take forever to fill up with air and its easy to use it. The oil level is a little low or high, i dont know. The air compressor will turn off randomly.

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Apr 22, 2016
Loud air compressor
by: Bill

Dennis, while it's impossible to be certain as I cannot hear your air compressor, typically, an air compressor that suddenly gets louder has blown a gasket inside the pump where the valve plate is.

The end result is a louder compressor, and one that takes forever to fill to cut out, if it ever gets there, as now air is passing back and forth between the high and low sides of the pump rather than being forced down into the tank.

If you remove the pump head - all power off and air bled out of the tank completely - you will find the valve plate and gasket. If you cannot find a new gasket, acquire high heat gasket material from an auto parts dealer, and use the old gasket as the template to make the new.

If available, probably a good idea to replace the valve plate while the compressor pump is open too.

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