motor size to power Emglo KU pump

by UnderPressure
(Kelowna BC)

I have an old wheelbarow style air compressor with an Emglo KU pump. The electric motor is missing.

What is the minimum horsepower motor that will drive the pump?

Also, how do I make sure not to overload the amperage rating of the motor as far as pulley size?

I hear that these pumps operate at 900 RPM. Would I be safe in assuming that if I use a pulley size calculator to figure out the size driving pulley needed to achieve 900 RPM at the driven pulley based on motor RPM and horsepower, that the motor's current draw will be within it's rated specs?

Hope you can help, I don't want to ruin a motor getting this thing up and running.

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Sep 10, 2018
K(U) pump
by: Doug in

They have limited ability - 100 psi, at 3/4 HP.

But I refer you to Jenny's table of machines they sell, here:

Note that the K pump is the same as yours, but without the head unloaders, as they are start/stop.
Also, Emglo == Jenny.

I'd follow their lead as to RPM vs HP.

Have fun.

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