Motor replacement on my sears craftsman air compressor

Ok this is my second time asking about my sears craftsman air compressor model no.919.152932.

A few months back I moved from California to Thailand and brought my 220v 60 hertz Air compressor with me and I took it to a shop that specialize in rebuilding and converting Ac motors.

Unfortunately they put it back and installed it but now only puts out 1/4 of what used to be a 5 hp motor.

Anyways to make a short story short I left without paying and now I'm stuck with a compressor with no good motor.

So my question is, can I replace the motor directly with a replacement that has the proper power configuration for Thailand? if i can what do i need to know before looking for the motor?Or can I just convert it from a direct drive to a belt driven?right time to convert?

Thanks in advance


Bill says....

Not knowing the power supply of Thailand, I would surmise that perhaps the problem is that the power there is 50 Hertz versus the North American standard of 60... just guessing?

Since as long as the motor has sufficient HP, has the same shaft size, and fits the footprint of the mounting on your air compressor, I am surprised that you haven't been to another shop that sells rebuilt motors, and bought a used one that originates there?

In terms of converting it from direct drive to belt, if you have lots of machine and motor skills, sure, you can do anything you want. Whether a hybrid will do what you want in terms of generating compressed air capacity, that will depend on your mechanical and electrical skills. To have a shop do it for you would be, I should think, price prohibitive.

Good luck,


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Jul 27, 2011
Sears motor replacement
by: Kevin

Ok so my other question is if I decide to go with the belt driven, would the pump work at a different rpm if I choose to run it at a slower rpm and what lowest Hp motor can I go with?(cost)Thanks again


I'm puzzled how you think that changing the drive, from direct to belt and sheave, will resolve the motor issues? Way I see it, it won't.

The compressor is designed to run with the drive and the HP of the motor that it came with.

You can experiment all you want, but as you move farther from the original parameters, the output or the compressor itself might suffer.

Changing the sheave sizes changes the load on the shaft and the other components to which that sheave is attached, and I cannot tell you what the result will be. Sorry.

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