Montgomery Ward XER6410 not holding pressure

by Lou Keister
(Sonoma, Ca.)

Montgomery Ward XER6410

Montgomery Ward XER6410

Montgomery Ward XER6410
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Montgomery Ward XER6410 air compressor

Montgomery Wards XER6410 Unloader/check valve combination?

I've got a Montgomery Wards XER 6410 air compressor that works well except for not holding pressure after pumping up the tank.

During the pumping up process, a small port just above the air intake filter(see photo)hisses fairly loudly.

Once the tank reaches pressure and the cutoff switch shuts the motor down, the port hisses softly and continuously until the pressure drops to the limit point and the compressor starts up.

If the switch is turned to the "off" position, the port will leak until the tank is empty.

I don't see a separate check valve on the air line from the head to the tank so I'm thinking there's a combo valve in the head proper.

I've had the head off but other than cleaning some of the film off the valve plates all else seemed ok.

I have NOT removed the line from the head as it appears it may have been epoxied in place, likely as a result of thread damage.

Blowing mild solvent into the port seems to have helped a little but the problem remains.

Any advice?

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May 11, 2015
Montgomery Wards XER6410 not holding pressure
by: Bill

Lou, I suspect that the hole you point to is the continuous unloader.

While the compressor is running the bulk of the compressed air is driven into the tank and yes, some escapes here.

However, when the compressor stops, air stops blowing into the tank, and what keeps the air in the tank after the compressor stops is a check valve.

I don't know where the check valve is on your Montgomery Ward compressor, but there has to be one, else, what is happening with your compressor will continue.

You need to find that check valve and fix it, as it's broken or leaking, I think.

Good luck.


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