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It is hard to find information about Montgomery Ward Air Compressors, though the consensus is that they haven't been in business for 30 years or more. It seems even harder to find information about servicing them or finding parts for them.

This is the Montgomery Ward air compressors forum page. Since information about Montgomery Ward air compressors is pretty scarce, using this forum, we turn to the expertise and experience of folks that actually use or have owned one of them.

On this page Here you will find issues posted and comments submittted about Montgomery Ward Air Compressors from folks that use them, and may have had some problems or some issues with them.

Montgomery Ward Air Compressor

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And thanks to Frank who was kind enough to scan and email this Montgomery Ward Model #6557 compressor manual for you to download if you need one! I expect many Montgomery Ward air compressor owners will find this useful.



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Any information on this Power-Kraft - Montgomery Ward 
Looking for info on this compressor: Power-Kraft - Montgomery Ward 199P117H01A 3HP 1750RPM 60 cycles 115/230 Volts serial:7402 Amps: 36/18 Motor style: …

Piston broke and needs new gasket 
There is a ring at the bottom of position that is broke and needs new gasket.

Wards air compressor pressure switch setting 
Inherited Wards air compressor. Want to know original switch pressure setting, so I can purchase switch for model # 75-6582

Parts for L0034DGF205 3Hp 
Need head kit for a L0034DGF205 3Hp compressor.

Year of ftf-9122a 65x707 
Mine looks like the one in the picture above but it is direct drive any one have any idea what yr it is 1.5 hp?

what year is my ftf9122a? 
i have a wards compressor model no ftf9122a 65x707 what year is it and any info thanks

Montgomery Ward compressor does not turn on 
My friend has a compressor like the one in the attached photo. The only numbers I found were on the tank, and said Serial and Manf. number 12150-705569. …

Help finding parts manual...xer 6402...3/4 hp 
I have a Mongomery Ward compressor....xer 6402...looking for a parts breakdown

Need check valve for air compressor  
do not know what the model number is but the serial number is 01258-355383. I need to know where I can purchase a new tank check valve.

What direction should the compressor turn? 
What direction should the compressor turn? Looking at the belt side should it turn clockwise or counterclockwise? I think I might have wired the compressor …

XER6408 3 SPL HP serial 09269-324548 
Assuming it works, what would this be worth if sold? Thanks.

motor bogging down as it gets to 50 psi 
Hi I have a 1970 Riverside Montgomery Wards air compressor model 75-6686, 2hp motor operates on 230v changed oil in pump put in nd 30 weight oil. …

Flapper valves and check valve for XER-6408-4 ? 
Hi Bill, I need to find and purchase 4 new flapper valves for the Montgomery Wards portable Air Compressor Model XER-6408-4 HP. I have the owner's …

Oil for a Montgomery ward que 6584-a? 
What kind or type oil do I use on a Montgomery ward power kraft air compressor model QBW 6584-A?

9095 tube to pressure control switch broken 
Tube to pressure control switch, broken by switch. How do I fix this, It was my Dad's compressor. Great for tires, general use. Model 9095, S/N …

464363 Rod arm broken 
Need one rod for compressor s/n o6279. 464363

Find Montgomery Ward XER6401 Rebuild kit 
I need to know where I can get a rebuild kit for the following specs air compressor....1/2 HP XER6401 7 1/2 gallon tank, max pressure 100 PSI 1.5 [email protected]

Convert Model FCI 75-6586 to 220? 
I've got an Mont Ward Air Compressor Model FCI 75-6586, The 2hp motor is 120/230 volt. How do I convert to 230V?

10243H-526257 won't turn belt 
Xer6409B 2Hp twin cyclinder 40 psi-90 psi 125psi max having problems with the compressor new motor new belt compress will not turn belt slips …

Had a bearing go bad d75 6476 xer, 3 h.p. 
I had a bearing go bad on the 3 h.p. motor on wards air compressor serial no. 09030-786207, mod. d75 6467 xer, 3hp, 230 volts. I can not find any data …

Valve positions of Montgomery Ward's 1 HP air compressor 
Received my 12 gallon Montgomery Ward's 1 HP air compressor in pieces someone tore it down I need to know how the 6 Reed valves are positioned. Need …

Parts for Montgomery Ward air compressor XER 6425 
I am looking for a gasket set and valve sets with screws for a Montgomery Ward air compressor no. XER 6425 with a 20 gallon tank and maximum psi of 125. …

Convert Montgomery Ward motor from 220 to 110 
Hi, I have had my montgomery ward compressor for over 35 years and it's still pumping air. If you could please answer this for me, on the plate …

Info on Ward air compressor model 2949? 
I have a ward air compressor model 2949. Does anyone know anything about it? Any help please!

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Air filter for Riverside Ward Air Comppressor 
Hi, My name is George and I have a Riverside Wards Air Compressor Model # FCI-75 6557C. It's a 2 cycle and I need a filter of some kind to keep the intake …

What size motor for Model fci 61 22167 ? 
I have a ward compressor serial no. 46G 17453 model fci 61 22167. I got it for free cause it doesn't have a motor and there was a small pin hole in …

Help reassembling Montgomery Ward # 06068 076365 
I have a Montgomery Wards model # 06068 076365 compressor that I got disassembled and just need pictures or owners manuel for it. The compressor works …

How old is my MW model #fos 9052 ser#w2268 
I have MW model #fos 9052 ser#w2268 . How old is it? This was my wife's granddads. It looks like a 2 or 3 gallon tank. I need to know where to …

Where to add Oil? 
Hi, I recently went to pick up my Dad's old compressor and it is similar to these types of compressors, in the picture. Prior to firing this thing …

Having trouble finding parts for a Wards 75-6228 
Yes I have a Riverside Wards Single Stage/ two cylinder air compressor, model no 75-6228 not sure how old it is but it was in operation that I know of …

Wardsriverside air compressors 
Who makes the compressor these models? It has C-9 and SCC stamped on it. Where can I get parts if I ever needed them? Thanks, …

Not sure of Model Number & need parts 
It is a 1980 2HP 20 Gallon Montgomery Wards 230V Air compressor I need to buy replacement Reed Valves, or a kit or make my own. I have read it might …

Looking for Piston Gasket for Model # FCI- 75 6551 
need a new gasket for this compressor and wondering where I can find one. Thanks

xer-6475 Air Compressor leaking air. 
The Under loader value on the pressure switch is leaking after machine shuts off, they tell me that the problem could be related to a check value, can …

Parts for a fci-7565516 
Need any parts info available for my fci-7565516.

Worthwhile acquring this compressor? Montgomery ward? 
Don't know who its made by. Anyone recognize it? Is it worth getting for just tire air, blowing out things are other small jobs?

Parts for a Model 75-65570 franklin motor 1 H.P.3450RPM 
Parts for a Model 75-65570 Franklin motor 1 H.P.3450RPM. Looking for piston part,valve & gaskets. Would also like to find a manual Guessing 77-79 …

check valve on montgomery air system xer 6465 
Where is the check valve located on a xer 6465?

Looking for manaul for XER 6401 
Looking for a manual for a XER 6401 the compressor has a label on it listing it as model 211 serial number 297082. Also does anyone know who manufactured …

Information for Air Power System please 
Manual and/or parts information for Air Power System mfg#12138-772290 I have a Montgomery Ward Air Power System with 2 hp motor and 20 gal. tank. …

air leaking from 14hm 855a, 5 horse motor. 
Compressor has air leaking from crankcase intermittently. Also need new seals, leaks oil. Thanks for your time.

What are specs for Model HL700201 2HP 
I just want the original specifications of a Montgomery Ward Model HL700201 compressor.

Looking for PSI, CFM, tank size info. 
I have an old (1980's) air compressor but cannot find any details about it. The serial number is 10252H-881928. The motor label states "Gould Century Motor" …

When was Wards model 9121 Serial AD1604 built 
I have a 1/4 HP wards air compressor, which was given to me. After changing the check, it is now running great. Can someone out there tell me when this …

Manual for an xer-6402 3/4 hp.  
Where can I find a manual for this compressor, please?

Value of Montgomary Ward XER 646 . It works. 
I have a Montgomary Ward 2HP 20gal ASME Tank XER 6465 230V. It works.What is it worth? whole or parts? This is a great compressor. My dad used it …

Anyone have a manual for a Montgomery Ward model WL338 
i dug this out of an old body shop shed. It runs but only built 10 psi of pressure after running about 30 min. I want to tear it down and paint it but …

Check valve for an old Montgomery wards air compressor 
Check valve leaking air. I am wondering where I would find a check valve for an old Montgomery wards air compressor?

Parts for Montgomery Ward air compressors 
I have a montmery ward 6557, 1 hp 5.0 cfm compressor, my crankshaft snapped. can anyone help me find a crankshaft?

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What is motor HP for a montgomery wards XER6518 Compressor  
I have a montgomery wards XER6518 Compressor What is the HP for it I saw just the compressor sitting in the Wards in baltimore for $20 in their bargain …

Montgomery Ward XER6410 not holding pressure 
Montgomery Wards XER6410 Unloader/check valve combination? I've got a Montgomery Wards XER 6410 air compressor that works well except for not holding …

Need valve kit for FCI-75-6590; 2 HP.  
Needing to get a valve kit Piston Rig Kit (2 Pistons) Gasket Set Any Diredtion will be much appreciated CONTACT ROY @ [email protected] Thank You! …

What oil for a 1978 model XER 6465 
XER 6465 2 HP 1978 model What kind and weight of oil do I use in this air compressor?

Air output of XER6409 
I would like to know the air output if possible?

Model #39A196 worth anything? 
I have a compressor that's from Montgomery ward model #39A196 Cant find any info on it . Trying to find out if its worth any money before scrapping cannot …

fci 25-6548 5hp 3 phase  
Compressor motor is laboring due to excessive drag on compressor. Belt squeals. After a few minutes of running, it warms up and starts to work normal. …

Need part for montgomery ward xer 6475 2hp 230v 
I need the large pipe piece that sends air from the tank to the regulator unit. It broke off at the regulator end, it's threaded at both ends I think. …

pump barely turns on a xer6425 
pump bearly turns on a xer6425, elec motor was just rebuilded

Motor for XER 6425 2 HP 
XER 6425 2 HP. I acquired this compressor without an electric motor. How do get one? I was given this air compressor and it looks good except the …

Help finding parts for a XER-6475 2HP 
Need: Part #70 XA-43 Friction Washer Part #71 RE-24 Spring Plate Part #72 RE-23 Spring Part #73 RE-2011 Diaphragm Assembly …

Montgomery Ward compressor blows 20 amp breaker 
I have an old Montgomery Ward 13 gallon compressor with a 1 hp motor. The breaker blows as the peak pressure is being reached sometimes. A clamp on ammeter …

Need piston ring or not, and difficulty to replace 
I have an older Montgomery wards air compressor that is a small compressor, and on the compressor on the top of the cylinder housing where there is a filter, …

Montgomery Ward XER-6478 air compressor leaks oil when the compressor is running 
There is a small hole on the safety cover side of the compressor that leaks oil when the compressor is running. Is the cover supposed to cover the hole …

Montgomery Wards Model XER 6475 need regulator 
I have a Montgomery Wards Model XER 6475 air compressor with a 2 HP motor. Looking for a pressure regulator which looks like it is an integral part of …

montgomery ward model 75-6686-MW30CV20H locked up 
My montgomery ward model 75-6686-MW30CV20H started making squeaking noise and then locked up. It has a 2ND 230v electric motor. What could be wrong?

What is motor rotation 
I have a small montgomery ward not sure of the model or anything cause the tag is no longer the machine. i installed a new motor cause …

Montgomery wards compressor model #9094 emergency release valve 
where can we find and buy one for a 1958 Montgomery wards air compressor model #9094 and serial # c454

Need manual for a1958 mongomery ward air compressor 
we have a 1958 air compressor Montgomery wards and want to find a manual for it the model # is 9094 and the serial # is c454 can anyone help me to find …

Wards XER6478 safe to run? 
I have a Wards XER6478, 1 hp and one of the OP-79 valve limiters broke. Would it hurt to run it. it was running but air was blowing past the top plate …

Shut Off & safety Valve for Model XER - 6408 3 HP 
Need to find Shut Off & safety Valve Part # V-2053-01 or a source for a suitable substitute. Any assistance/information would be appreciated.

montgomery ward compressor builds to 40 lbs then makes loud noises 
Hello, Have a montgomery ward riverside model 75-6587c twin head 1 1/2hp check valve got stuck blew the felt filter off one of the heads I shut …

CHECK VALVE FOR Montgomery Ward Compressor 

Need outlet from pressure tank model XER6401 
I'm looking for the outlet valve from pressure tank for 1/2 hp, Montgomery ward compressor, model XER6401, the plastic connector to the high pressure delivery …

Parts for Montgomery Wards Air Compressor Model QBW-6555B 
I need to get the air supply tubing( pump to tank ) and the check valve . Where would I find these parts? Are they typically standard parts for air compressors? …

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Where do you add the oil on a Montgomery Ward 75-6552 compressor ? 
Can't find where you add the oil and have an oil leak ______________ Sorry, I could not find any information or a photo of this air compressor to help …

Who manufactured air compressors for MONTGOMERY WARD? 
I need Reed valves; Model 75-6584 Serial No. 77B 47304 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

replacement pulley for an old FCI 9095 R 
Are parts available for an old FCI 9095 R model air compressor? Specifically, I am looking for a 3 x 5/8 motor pulley. Thanks.

Wards Riverside Model# FCI-61-9031 
I have a 2 cylinder, "v" configuration, single stage air compressor. Model number is listed above. Can anyone give me some information on this? CFM …

Model Number Location? 
I just purchased a MW air compressor. 1hp, 15 gallon ... Any ideas where on this machine I can find the model number? It says H28B on the side of the …

New tank for Montomery Ward Model # 6418 air compressor 
I need a new tank for my Montgomery Ward Air Compressor. I'm not sure of the HP, but it plugs into a 220 outlet. Is a replacement tank available? …

Montgomery Wards Air Compressers model 75-6557C 
How manufactured this air Compressor for Wards. Is it a Doerr Brand Air Compressor as suggested by some web sights, or am I misreading what I'm seeing. …

Is there a way to get seals for the for single stage compressor ? 
We are looking for parts for a 1977 Montgomery ward compressor

What is cut out pressure MW Model WL338 compressor 
What is the appropriate release pressure for my MW Model WL338 compressor Picked up this compressor at a garage sale. It runs well and is very quiet. …

Part for Montgomery Ward compressor XER-6418 
I have an old Montgomery Wards air compressor and need a part for it. The part number is XER-6418, can you help?

Model XER6518 Montgomery Ward air compressor 
I have just the compressor Model #xer6518 could you tell me the CFM flow and what horse power moter it used

Montgomery Ward compressor model FCI-75-6557-C piston rings ... 
I have an air compressor that is model# fci-75-6557-c. It has the name Motgomery Wards on the side of it. What I need is piston rings for the pump. …

Overhauling a Montgomery Ward air compressor 
I purchased a Montomery Wards Compressor today XER6418. I would like to find an owners manual and also its determined age. Any help on this topic will …

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