model77813 air compressor problems

by Hank

model77813 Taskforce pumps up to cut off pressur 120psi,immediately the unloader valve opens, bleeds down to 100psi then trys to restart. pressure is too high for motor to overcome, and thermal switch kicks out.

Sounds like a couple of issues, Hank.

That the unloader valve continues to bleed air down to the cut in pressure after the compressor reaches cut out signifies that the tank check valve may be failing due to debris in the seats or mechanical failure. So, check the tank check valve to make sure it is working.

If the compressor reaches cut in pressure, and the unloader valve has worked - as yours seems to - then there is no additional load on the motor and the compressor should start. That yours tries to and goes off on thermal suggests to me that it has cycled too often, that the motor has overheated, and if you wait for a couple of hours and try again, after fixing the tank check valve for example, you may find the problem has gone away.


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