Model5Z034A runs perfectly then pops breaker

by Greg Noonan
(BC Canada)

Model5Z034A 2HP single phases runs perfectly but trips household breaker at or near the end of pressure build up.

With breaker reset it runs briefly to top off pressure then shuts off automatically with no issue, doesn't blow breaker then, but if air drains down through use it repeats the problem.

Is it possible there is an arc created in a pressure switch of some kind due to a slow disconnect?

I am a rudimentary electrical analyzer so this is about my limit of possible theories!!

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Nov 06, 2016
Model 5Z034A
by: Doug in

Ideally, you should get a clamp-on ammeter and see what the load on the breaker is.

It's equally possible the unit (and maybe something else on the circuit) is drawing too much power, or that the breaker is failing.

Nov 06, 2016
Model5Z034A pops breaker
by: Bill

My first thought is a short in the pressure switch too, Greg.

Can you pull the switch cover, dump the tank air pressure below the cut in, shut off the lights, plug in or turn on the compressor, and watch inside the pressure switch as the pressure builds.

Does it arc when the breaker pops? If so, time to replace the pressure switch.

If not, please let us know.

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