Model FP209402 oiless compressor no pressure

by Phil
(St Paul, MN)


CH Model #209402 oilless compressor no pressure builds up, I removed the cover and manually turn the piston assembly. I hear a quacking type sound, I saw one site said to check the air inlet but I don't think it has one as it makes it own.

Any help!!!!
Thank you!!!

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Feb 21, 2016
insufficient air pressure developed
by: Anonymous

I have one of these. It would only develop 40 PSI. After much looking and spraying with soapy water and then oil on various parts and connections looking for a leak, I found it was simply the "Exhaust Tube Assembly" Part # FP202839 available at presently $6.79 US.
It was split inside the hose holder which is connected to the air cylinder. I saw the split when I bent the hose over and peered inside. I cut it off being careful to not damage the fitting installed at the cylinder.
I will try to stretch the hose and re-clamp it with a small muffler clamp as supplied with the hose if you purchase it. The hose will be tight having been cut off shorter..... but may work.

Apr 28, 2015
by: Bill

It's really hard to diagnose an issue with these mini-air compressors.

If your motor turns the pump assembly with the compressor turned on, you can check pump output by pulling the line from the pump to the tank to feel if there is pressure being generated.

If it's not, you can acquire a new pump assembly for about $50 and replace the whole thing rather than trying to isolate a part issue and then trying to acquire that part in the hopes that fixes the problem.

I do note too that this size of compressor is available new from the big box stores for about $75 so whether it is worthwhile for you to spend time trying to fix it is a decision you want to consider.


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