What is the model number and name for this compressor?

by Bill
(New York)

I have located a picture of the DeVilbiss compressor that used to be my fathers.

Old DeVilbiss air compressor

I have started to restore the compressor but can not find anything other then a picture at this URL site about this compressor.

The URL that shows the compressor is http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608054252794612449

The only information on the plate attached to the base is “NCD” and “501” in the two information spots. And the manufacturer which is DeVilbiss in Toledo Ohio.

If you know the model of this compressor and where parts can be acquired I would appreciate the help.

Thanks Bill


Bill in New York, the photos got a bit scrambled when the site relocated. If the image above is not your Old DeVilbiss, would you please add a couple of photos in a comment. Thanks.