Model 95275 stopped working.

by Raymond Marcotte
(Exeter, RI 02822)

My Cental Pneumatic Air Compressor Model 95275 stopped working.

My Air compressor model 95275 that I have owned for about two years and have used it several times to inflate tires. It stopped working today. I tried pressing the rest button and this didn't work. I called technical support to see if I could order a new rest button and the representative said this was not available. This leaves me, the consumer with an air compressor that is useless.

The representative told me that some times the manufacturer doesn't have parts available for their products. I should have been told this information at the time of purchase, that I was buying a product that the manufacturer could not supply parts if needed for repair. I wouldn't have bought the air compressor. I'm stuck with an air compressor that I paid about $60.00 for that doesn't work and I can't get the necessary part for the repair.

Consumers beware.

The consumer has been

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Sep 19, 2016
Model 95275 not working.
by: Bill

What makes you certain that it is the reset button that is at fault, Raymond.

Compressors that won't start is a common problem, and there are a variety of reasons why, most of which are covered on the troubleshooting page about this on this website.

Do the checks suggested if you would, then let us know what you found as a comment here.

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