Model 94667 tries to start but will not run

by JM

My air compressor will try to turn over but will not start. I took it to my shop and drained the water from the drain valve, set it upright and it ran fine. I took it back home the next day and it would not start again. This time the motor will not turn over and when I turn the compressor on, the overhead light gets a lot brighter.

Do I have a short or is the capacitor gone. Which capacitor whould be the problem? (Start or run capacitor or both?)


Only way to know for sure is to test them both, and you might as well get a motor load check done as well.

From what you say, your compressor is pulling more power than normal, and indication that the start capacitor may be an issue.

Will the compressor start if the air pressure in the tank is zero? If yes, also check your UNLOADER VALVE to be sure that it is operating properly.



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Jun 25, 2011
found the problem
by: jmb

Turns out the problem was not my compressor. It was an electical voltage drop. The neutral wire from the transformer to my shop was broken.

I found this out when I plugged up another compressor and it had the same problem. My local appliance repairman looked at it and found the broken wire in my pecan tree.

Sorry for the inconvenience but thanks for the advice.


It's no inconvenience, and I am glad your air compressor problem is resolved.


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