Model 94667 - Not Enough
       Pressure And Will Not Stop

Here are some questions, answers, suggestions and comments about Central Pneumatic Model 94667 air compressors, beginning with the question about not enough pressure from this Harbor Freight air compressor.

Just a few of the topics about the popular 94667 addressed here include I turn off the switch but the Central Pneumatic compressor will not stop, finding parts for the 94667, another 94667 compressor that isn't building pressure, and more.

If your model 94667 compressor problem is not addressed here, and you wish to add your own question, there is a link to the CP Model 94667 compressor forum at the bottom of this page.

Depot model 94667 will not build enough pressure
         and won't stop?

Central Pnematic 94667 air compressor
Central Pnematic 94667 air compressor

"I need help with the stop switch, why is it not building enough pressure....and wont stop on switch.. had a depot model for 10 years and this is nothing but problems..."

Dear visitor... it is likely not your pressure switch that is at fault, since, in order for the switch to shut the compressor motor off, the pressure in the tank has to reach the cut out pressure and since your 94667 is not building pressure, then the compressor tank cannot get to the cut out level for the pressure switch to shut the compressor down.

In any case, the typical reasons why an air compressor will run, and run, and run without building air pressure past a certain point are a valve (intake or pressure) failing, or an internal gasket letting go at the point where the compressor stops building pressure.

Why not see the Troubleshooting section on the site map page for links to pages with more details? Using the tips on those pages, see if you can narrow down the part that has failed.

Central Pneumatic model 94667 parts

"Where can I buy parts for a 94667? I need a check valve and can't get to any place that sells them?"

Well Terry, the logical place to start is Harbor Freight, as this is their house brand.

If Harbor Freight cannot help, and I must say I would be surprised if they were able to, you can use any tank check valve that fits the porting, and installs the same way, even if you have to cobble the air flow a bit.

Remove your tank check valve, then Google compressor tank check valves. You will find a number of them. Look for one that resembles yours, and you are in business.

Central pneumatic model #94667 not building air pressure?

"I have an central pneumatic model #94667 21 gal upright. just over a year old,used just over a handfull of times. not ever been laid down,to my knowlage.

A friend of my girlfriend came over and installed some new electrical outlets and moved the compressor to one of the furthest outlets that he installed. he is NOT an electrition....just a home owner. ok....problem, since the movement of the compressor, the tank air pressure has been dropping each time i need to use it. THERE ARE NO LEAKS. checked with spray bottle/soap.

The tank pressure won't climb past 40-42 psi and compressor runs constantly. I'm getting alot of blow back from apears to be some kind of crank case filter on front of pump.....and a lot of air from what looks like a muffler. Have moved compressor back to original spot and used original outlet when it worked great. same problem. please help. thanks you, Don "gasping for air" H. "

Don, from the sounds of it, your compressor may have developed a valve problem. Air blowing back out of the intake filter supports this.

This... "getting alot of blow back from apears to be some kind of crank case filter on front of pump" might be your oil fill port. It is vented, and if air is coming out of the vent, then you also have piston seal blow by.

From what you've said, I don't think it was the moving of the compressor to a new power supply that is the issue. That was a coincidence in my books. Interesting though that you say "not ever been laid down,to my knowlage". If the compressor had fallen or been knocked over, it is possible that oil from the sump has leaked up into the pump head, and that oil could be affecting the operation of the valves.

I think it may be time to pull the pump apart and see what's what. Good luck.

Model # 94667 - builds up air pressure it shuts the switch off?

"When my air compressor builds up air pressure it shuts the switch off. Can you please offer me any suggestions?"

I'd be happy to provide suggestions yet first though, are you aware that this is exactly how the air compressor is supposed to work?

You turn your central pneumatic air compressor on, it fills the air tank with air pressure, when the pressure in the tank reaches the pressure switch cut out pressure level the compressor stops, and when you use air, the pressure drops, the compressor starts, and the cycle repeats.

Since I do not know if this ... "When my air compressor builds up air pressure it shuts the switch off" ... is your compressor operating normally or not (you don't provide enough info) I cannot offer any more help. Please provide specifics... pressures, cut in and cut out... etc. on the 94667 forum page linked next.