Model 94667 - Motor failure

by Al Jones
(Williamsport, MD)

My motor runs very sluggishly, than shuts off.

The reset breaker does not trip.

My uncle suspects the motor, but it could be the armature?

It's had very light use, since purchased in 2009 (Harbor Freight).

HF no longer lists a replacement, 3 HP motor thru their parts department, but this has to be a generic motor, right?

Any advice is appreciated.

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Jul 20, 2015
by: Al Jones

Thank you. I won't be too optimistic. HF did give me another tech line number, I'll give that a try. That failing, I guess it might be time for a new unit.

Jul 19, 2015
motor brushes
by: Doug in

Quality control on motor brushes seems to be a bit of an issue - so I'd check those along with the armature and possibly capacitors and centrifugal switch, if present.

The motor probably is generic, your problem finding a replacement is that the compressor is basically part of the motor. You may be able to find a separate motor that's compatible, so if you need to try, good luck.

Well, good luck in any case.

BTW, Harbor Freight and the rest hardly ever bother stocking parts for pretty much anything, especially compressors.

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